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The Walker (2020)

Dir. Joseph Walker

A narrative drama with no dialogue, this film follows a widower who finds hope once again in the company of a stranger.


This piece relied heavily on the edit to tell its story and keep a consistent pace. 

Password: Walker2020

Pity Laughs (2019)

Dir. Joe Murphy & James Ormrod

A three part comedy miniseries, Pity Laughs required a sharper pace of editing that was in line with its more outlandish tone.

Full series (also edited by me) is avaiable on the channel linked to this video. 

Trailer Edits

Trailer editing is always something I've been super fond of doing, and over the years I have edited trailers for a number productions I have worked on as well as edits I have cut together for fun.

This is a trailer for 'A Beautiful Day in The Neighbourhood' I cut together to recontextualize it as a horror film.

I made this as a promotional piece for a podcast that discussed this film and joked about the accidental but inherently creepy nature of some of the scenes. 

Coronation (2019)

Dir. Joseph Walker

1950. A young woman discovers her sexuality on the eve of the Queen's coronation.


Password: MD5702

Open The Box (2019)

A fun commercial project - shot on film! Edited digitally! (oh)

The Frog is Dead (2018)

Dir. Joe Murphy 

A documentary following comedian Maisy Whipp attempting the brutal Manchester based stand-up competition 'Beat The Frog' for the third and final time.


Dir. Joe Murphy & George Glynn

Miami. 1980. It's the hottest Summer in recorded American history, and drug smuggler Eddie Gianni finds himself trapped in a hotel elevator during a DEA drug raid.

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